An Association and community center for all Muslims in Ohio particularly those Nigerians by origin.

Our main area of focus is the sustaining the deen of Islam in the heart of all Nigerians who migrated to the United States or visiting. Passing over the legacy of unadulterated Islamic teachings devoid of hatred for any human to the children and future generations. We provide Islamic education and offers classes in various Islamic subjects to children and adults. We also organize and host recreational and social events.

NIMACO was established in 2018 by a group of spiritually motivated individuals with the aim of providing spiritual uplift. This group became the board of trustee. The day to day activities of the association is managed by an Executive Board elected annually from among the members. We operate based on charitable donations from philanthropic individuals, organizations and governmental bodies. We are non affiliate and concentrates more on our core values as Muslims that unites us rather than the flimsy minor issues that seek to divide us.

We are a non profit organization officially registered with the State of Ohio.

Vision Statement: To better our relationship with Allah and people of the world (All faith).

Mission: To propagate unadulterated teachings of Islam as a religion of Peace to Muslims and non-Muslims in USA.